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Welcome To My Insurance Blog

Welcome to my insurance blog!

My goal in submitting this blog to you, the reader, is to present a simplified perspective on the insurance industry and its terminology, help explain its implementation by citing real life examples, and provide relevant information that might assist you in building your insurance portfolio.

Though insurance might not be the first topic making the rounds at a cocktail party and, without a catalyst, may only achieve brief “honorable mention” status at family gatherings or events, it permeates our lives. We procure insurance, because we know, by law, we must carry it, at least the basics. So we get it. But:

What are we really buying? What are we protecting? Do we have enough? Do we have too little? What exactly is in this 20 page policy I receive via mail or email?

Please allow our industry a little latitude, as its language and terminology remains mired in the “days of yore.” As one of the oldest industries in the country, we still refer to ships as “vessles,” and still maintain “inland marine” insurance when its coverage has little to do with anything marine related. Much of what I will blog about will be case relevant, based on actual experiences with the clients I have the privilege to service.

Perhaps it’s my industry bias, but I love the insurance industry, specifically the opportunities I am given to help in an educational/consultative capacity. I hope my blog will prove helpful. Maybe it will even spur a minute conversation around the office water cooler. As I move forward with my blog, I welcome any input/suggestions on topics to discuss, and I am always happy to answer any questions.

Stay healthy, stay well,