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Risk Management/Insurance Services

Personal, Commercial, Life, and Specialty Insurance

As an independent insurance agency, Shaw, Moses, Mendenhall and Associates retains the advantage of working with over 70 different companies and carriers which, along with our experienced team, allows us to completely customize our client’s insurance policies and portfolios.  We do not offer proprietary products or a rigid template of offerings, nor do we exhibit a proclivity toward any one product or company. We are privileged to have earned appointments and to have built long standing relationships with many companies, some unavailable to other agencies, providing our clients more options, competitive pricing, and enhanced coverage by accessing a larger insurance marketplace.

After understanding our client’s needs and situation, we leverage our comprehensive resources and extensive access to carriers to ensure our clients are well protected with an optimal group of policies, simplifying the insurance process and often securing more comprehensive coverage for our clients at lower premium pricing.

Personal, Commercial, Life, and Specialty Insurance

  1.  Thoroughly understand our client’s needs and current risk management program.  Before recommending any modifications to our client’s risk management program, we conduct an analysis for our clients to determine how they are protected and to identify potential exposures they may have that warrant protection.  
  2.  Build a customized risk management program:  After understanding our client’s situation and potential risk exposure, we begin building a customized risk management program for them, leveraging our collective 40 years of experience and 70+ companies we work with to find the best fit for our clients, at the best value, with the most enhanced coverage.  
  3.  Annual review or risk management program amendments based on need:  At a minimum of once a year, or as our client’s situations change, we review our client’s risk management program to ensure they remain properly protected and review all insurance policies, benchmarking the policies to the marketplace to ensure they remain the best fit for our clients.   
  4.  Proactive Action:  Should we discover an area of your risk management program that can be improved on, or discover a resource we feel would prove helpful to our clients, we will notify them proactively.  
  5.  Service: Our team is always here to answer any questions or address any issues as they relate to your insurance, and we look forward to working with you on an ongoing basis.  We value close, long-term relationships with our clients.