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How We Help

Backed By Experience

 We have a lot of experience in the industry with over 300+ years collectively at the firm. In addition, we put a premium on client service. 

Because of the experience, we have access to all the best insurance companies in the country. At the same time, we are not beholden to any one of them. Our job is to go out to them, to provide what you need, and whatever company is going to do that the best for you, that’s the company that we want to recommend.

In addition, we are a family-owned firm. As a result, our clients are like family to us. The firm is over 30 years old, and it’s comprised of 3-4 different families, with second and third-generation insurance professionals.

How We Work

You have a whole team behind you to service you.

When clients ask about price, one of the advantages that we have is that we work with a lot of different insurance companies that want to be in a competitive place.

As a result, we are able to provide better prices for clients because we are able to go out and speak with 7, 8, or 9 different insurance companies. To that end, we let them know that there is some competition for the client’s business, and that gives us leverage.

Furthermore, we’re able to negotiate with these companies and say, “This is the price we need to have.”

In contrast, a captive agency like State Farm, Farmers, or Allstate can only offer their products. Therefore, if price becomes an issue, there isn’t another option for the client. That agency has just the one product to offer.

In our situation, the reason that our pricing is often more competitive, is that we are talking to several competing companies. In essence, they’re competing for the client’s business.

For example, if an insurance company wants the client’s business, it gives them incentive to really try to work hard and provide the best price.


How Competition Works

Certainly, price is a big concern with clients. Therefore, it’s more advantageous to be working with an independent firm because we can go out to different companies on the client’s behalf. Furthermore, we let those companies know that they have some competition. So if they want to earn the client’s business, they have to compete for it.

You see, when there’s more competition in the marketplace, there are more companies more willing to make concessions and do what it takes to offer the best possible premium.

Sometimes a company might have too many policies in one area or too much exposure; therefore, their prices are just too high. If that’s the case, we move onto another company for the client.

In summary, we do have that leverage to go out to these different companies and have these companies compete with each other for the client’s business. Moreover, when you have competition in the marketplace, it usually leads to better overall pricing. That’s because if their prices aren’t favorable, we can go to another company with better pricing, if all the coverage is the same.

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